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Wellness at Your Fingertips

Pressure Points

Hand Massage

30 minutes $30.00

A great introduction to a full AromaTouch session. 

A hand massage offers gentle to firm pressure in various forms of rubbing, tapping and kneading to release tense or cramped muscles. Combined with a variety of pure essential oils to stimulate the blood vessles and restore circulation. 

Mani Pedi

Foot Massage

30 minutes $30.00 

The perfect service for those on their feet for long periods. 

Start with a relaxing hot water soak with Epsom salts for inflammation, peppermint and eucalyptus for relaxation and cooling penetration. Followed by a gentle but deep massage to release tension and tight arches.  Combined with powerful, natural oils to relax the foot and increase circulation. 

Back Massage

AromaTouch Body Session

1 hour $60.00 

For this service full access to the client's back and feet are required. A comfortable, heated bed and soothing atmosphere combine with a sure, gentle touch to bring total body and mind relaxation. Pure, natural oils are applied with long smooth strokes allowing the oils to seep into the muscles. The aromatic effects help to elevate your mood, promote restive thoughts and bring the body back to a state of centered wellness. Among the oils used is Lavender, known for relaxing and soothing. Tea Tree, known for its healing proprieties. On Guard, a special blend of oils to purify, rejuvenate and protect against bacteria.  Deep Blue, another special blend ment to soak into the muscles releasing tension and soothing pain. The session also includes the feet and ends with a combination of energizing and uplifting oils to send you on your way with renewed purpose. 


Infant and Child Wellness

20 minutes $20.00

This service offers the effects of an AromaTouch but is generated for infants and toddlers. Is your child experiencing croup, problems breathing or sleeping due to sickness? This may help. This session uses soft touch and specific motions to spread oils across the child's body (namely the back and feet) to reduce symptoms, promote relaxation and oftentimes induce sleep. Lavender is used with a special blend of Breathe and Balance. All of which are gentle on the child's skin. The parent is kept present and encouraged to hold the child while the session is in progress to help the child relax and feel safe. This is also performed in a soothing atmosphere to allow the parent to relax as well. 

                      HOT STONE THERAPY $10.00

Add hot stones to your AromaTouch Body Session for a more deeply penetrating experience. 

Hot stones help to push the oils deeper into the muscle tissue while working to open the muscle fibers allowing them to more fully absorb the oils and massage.  

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